December 5


IBM i DDS Edit Codes

By NickLitten

December 5, 2008

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AS400 iSERIES and IBM i DDS Cheat Sheet

You can use data description specifications (DDS) to create a file.

Edit Code Description No Sign CR Sign -Sign(R) -Sign(L)
Commas and zero balances 1 A J N
Commas 2 B K O
Zero balances 3 C L P
No commas or zero balances 4 D M Q
User-defined edit codes 5 – 9
Hexadecimal F sign X1
Date edit Y2
Suppress leading zeros Z3

Ibm i dds edit codes 1Notes:

  1. The X edit code ensures a hexadecimal F sign for positive values. Because the system does this for you, normally you do not have to specify this code.
  2. The Y edit code suppresses the leftmost zeros of date fields, up to, but not including the digit preceding the first separator. The Y edit code inserts slashes (/) between the month, day, and year according to the following pattern (with zero suppression):
  3. nn/n nn/nn nn/nn/n nn/nn/nn nnn/nn/nn nn/nn/nnnn nnn/nn/nnnn nnnn/nn/nn nnnnn/nn/nn
  4. The Z edit code removed the sign (plus or minus) from a numeric field and suppresses leading zeros.
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