February 5


Ask the IBM i Nerd – I am a System i programmer with 1 year experience…

By NickLitten

February 5, 2012


Dear IBM i Nerd,

I am a System i programmer with 1 year experience and I work for a large company with over 30 programmers. I don’t seem to be taken seriously by my peers or my boss. What can I do to enhance my career advancement opportunities within my company and to achieve credibility with the other programmers?

Answer: If you want others to feel that you are a “real” programmer and know what you are doing then you must look and act like a real programmer looks and acts. Did you see the movie Jurassic Park? The rogue programmer who caused all the trouble – now there is a real programmer. First of all you need to make your programmer station look like his did. Empty cans of Jolt Cola, old dinners, candy bars, Dorito bags and empty pizza cartons are a good start. You want your boss to think you live at work and have no other social life. You should also have clothes that are wrinkled and ill-fitting, large eyeglasses, and messed up hair. (See Bill Gates) Having program listings and open manuals all over your desk helps and whatever you do, don’t document your software – very unprofessional. When you speak to users use only computer terms they don’t know. There are many other tips I could give but these should get you started on the road to success. Good luck!

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