Bailey 2.0 Flies to SinCity – aka – How to fly a dog to Las Vegas

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February 28, 2012

Me and my wing man (Bailey Version 2.0 – the Springer Spaniel) arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday night after a smooth flight courtesy of Delta Airlines. Shipping pets around domestic USA is remarkably easy and pain free:

  1. Make sure dog is all up to date with vaccinations and get a certificate from Vet saying just that
  2. Get a nice crate that Muttley can comfortably sit and lay down in
  3. Put a nice fluffy comfy bed in there
  4. Take Muttley to airport and pay your $fee (it was $200 from Charleston SC to Vegas NV)
  5. He gets checked for drugs, guns and copies of the Quran by the TSA folks and loaded into a special pressurised and heated section of the cargo hold
  6. Fly your flight, disembark and he is brought to the luggage belt
  7. Extract puppy and get covered in canine kisses.

Bailey handled it incredibly well… I think he was more comfortable in his travel cage than I was crammed into the economy cabin (yes I am cheap) watching crappy TV on the headset unit and trying not to torture myself by continually looking at my watch.

All in all a decent experience. The folks at Delta were very helpful and accommodating.

Gets a thumbs up from me and paw up from Bailey.


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