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What is the best way to add a Podcast Player to a WordPress Website?

By NickLitten

March 3, 2020

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This week I mainly be wanting to…. create a PODCAST for The Projex Academy.

This podcast is essentially the audio only, from the PRINCE2 MASTERCLASS. A number of Project Managers, and Academy students had requested the course to be available in podcast format so they could listen in the car, gym or just walking the dog.

So, the first thing to do is to make sure the episodes are correctly encoded in MP3 format, with a uniform volume level.

The next thing is upload them to the website and figure out the neatest interface to let the users play them.

So, After uploading the podcast MP3′ to WordPress Media we can use the built in WordPress PLAYER short code but it looks a little bland:

Wordpress podcast plugin

So, this made me go poking around to find a slicker solution, and I think I found a WordPress podcast plugin that will upgrade the player style nicely.

What is the best WordPress Podcast Plugin?

WordPress Podcast Plugin: WP Podcast- Easiest Podcasting system

The WP PODCAST plugin is a very neat little plugin that lets you define all the attributes of our podcast. It neatly lets you build the podcast, add all the episodes (selecting them from the media bin) and then publish it using a nice little short code. This short code displays a rather beautiful podcast layout with nice volume controls, variable speed, downloads and lots of sharing options.

Right, lets walk through configuring our first podcast.

Add the WP PODCAST plugin

Best podcast player wordpress plugin

Simply install it.

Active It.

Step 1 – define your SPEAKER

This is the main attribute of the podcast author:

What is the best way to add a podcast player to a wordpress website? 1

Step 2 -we can ADD NEW PROGRAM

Now we can build our podcast and link all the episodes into.

First we need to click ADD PROGRAM and give it a name and then select all the episodes that will be in this one:

What is the best way to add a podcast player to a wordpress website? 2

Adding the individual episodes is as easy as clicking and selecting the MP3’s.

Note: I went through the MP3 files in MEDIA and made sure they were nicely named and had images attached to them (which will be shown in the player screen)

What is the best way to add a podcast player to a wordpress website? 3

Step 3 – place the Podcast media player

What is the best way to add a podcast player to a wordpress website? 4

Pretty Pretty Good

Larry. And Me.

Now, lets look at how to publish our podcast to the podcast suppliers like iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify… in the next exciting episode of nerdish podcasting bloggery. Which I might type tomorrow. If I can build up the excitement level passed its current level of 23%



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