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March 22, 2013

Bloody Boris the Landrover

By NickLitten

March 22, 2013

Boris, Landrover, LR3

Bloody sparkie thing… so I’m just not brave enough or (the real reason) rich enough to start switching out the electrical components yet… but maybe next month…

Boris refused to start again… so I decided to say SCREW IT and rented a rather pleasing little black Jeep Wrangler. The rental was way too expensive but sometimes it’s worth it for a weekend of reliable motoring. Of course, the fact that I own my own car means that maybe I should use my car rather than rent one from someone else. But thats the downside of landrover ownership I guess… if wishes were horses then beggers would ride.

After returning the kids and returning the rental car I was thinking about ways to FOOL the landrovers engine management system into starting and stumbled onto this solution. I have this cunning plan involving some plugging and unplugging bits of engine. But more about that once I’ve tried it.

hint: I’m only typing this because I have tried it and it seems to work. But the jury is out. Not convinced and I dont want to talk about it until I have some kind of evidence. More to come.

So… I think I just *may* have found a solution to this intermittent starting problem.

I’m going to try this same technique for the next month or so and will report back if anything changes…. *sigh*

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