July 31


Bombshell Dropped at COMMON – Bill Gates Keynote Speaker

By NickLitten

July 31, 2008


Microsoft secretly owns IBM

Software Quality through Perception, Not Reality

Nashville, TN – The 2008 Annual Meeting and Exposition of the COMMON user group took place in Nashville, Tennessee. The opening session began at 3:30 pm on Sunday and what a session that was! First the audience was welcomed by COMMON president Randy Dufault where he outlined the highlights of the coming week. Then he dropped the bombshell when he announced the keynote speaker would be none other than Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation. This was a shock and surprise to most attendees.

Dufault explained that Mr. Gates was invited to speak to help bring the IBM Midrange world closer to the mainstream software industry by following the Microsoft software development model. His speech was entitled: Software Quality through Perception, Not Reality. His company, of course, produces a number of software products and is very experienced in the above topic.

Some of the concepts covered were:

  • Marketing your software before it’s completed (or ever started for that matter).
  • Convincing users a software bug is a feature.
  • Crushing the competition and still being able to sleep at night.
  • Putting a pretty face on old, out-dated code and reselling it as a new product. (see Windows Vista)
  • How to sell a software fix as an upgrade.

The speech was very enlightening. Of course the concepts presented will require a very different mindset among IBM i developers but at least they will all be perceived as better information systems developers because of it.

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