Boris the Landrover gets a new LR3 crank sensor

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November 1, 2012

Boris the Landrover gets a new LR3 crank sensor

By NickLitten

November 1, 2012

Boris, Landrover, LR3

Courtesy of the very nice chaps at Kensington Motor Cars here in Las Vegas:

Landorver lr3 crank sensor jobbie

A new engine crank sensor!

The LR3 crank sensor

Now… this might seem like a tiny little bit of plastic and metal but is it the savior or haunted LR3 engines everywhere?

After many, many, many discussions with the garage owner (Bill) and Customer Service girlie (Trish) we decided this was the next angle of attack. Apparently this little gadget looks at the engine and decides to tell the starter motor whether it should start – or crank as these Yanks call it – and if its a little bit whoozy or drunk then maybe it wont tell the engine computer its started. Or maybe it will tell it that its started – even when it hasnt. AHA! This could be it. I’m excited.

And guess what… changing the crank sensor seems to have fixed it!

It’s now been three weeks and still going strong. Boris has started a every time.

It’s a miracle.

So much for the famous Exorcist quote – I’ve revised it to “The power of the crank sensor compels thee”

UPDATE: 2 months later. It’s started this intermittent refusal to start. Crank sensor didn’t fix it. Faaark!

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