Boris the Landrover is born again – from Defender to LR3 

 October 11, 2011

By  NickLitten


Before leaving the old country (UK) a few years back I was the proud owner of the ultimate road going work horse… a Landrover Defender 110.

Boris the Landrover - Defender to LR3

It was an early 1994 model with a 2.5 Liter Turbo Diesel engine and a hand painted exterior I used it for construction work every day and it’s farmyard rugged skills and ultimately basic controls made me chuckle on a daily basis. I remember getting it really dirty one weekend and taking it to the car wash… opening the doors and jet washing the interior…. *INTERIOR*… yep it started first time and trundled off home with its diesel engine burbling. The kids christened this car BORIS and it became a well known vehicle around Camberley, Surrey.

Three years later, on the other side of the world I’ve just got the next Landrover to join my family.

It’s a 2006 Landrover LR3 (the successor to the venerable Landrover Discovery) which is basically a very posh road going version of my old Defender.

Initial impressions are great. I love it. Lots of fun, a good road presence and it’s super comfy for long runs. I’ve been on a couple of dirt roads and pretended I was offroad in an African jungle and it was quiet happy.

Obviously, its called BORIS2 and I’m contemplating ordering a vanity plate. I just hope this one is as reliable as the Defender, which seems to be contrary to some of the reports I’m reading about…. fingers crossed…


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Nick Litten

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