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September 3, 2014

Cheese and wine is life… dont argue!

By NickLitten

September 3, 2014

cheese, wine

So, I was watching a documentary about a guy that eats PIZZA every single day of his life. He has it for dinner every night. He Loves it.

I had to admit that it’s very very like my obsession with the classic “Cheese and Wine” meal.

A few different cheeses, some crusty French bread and a bottle of Plonk and I am in heaven.

Obviously this chaps life is slightly different as he *cooks* his cheese’n’biscuits/cracker/frenchstick/insert-crunchy-carb-of-choice-here… cooking cheese? weirdo!!!!

I really love Pizza. “I don’t like vegetables, Kelly Rippa said “I would love to do that everyday… if i could..” Well you can.. why would I eat a pizza with mushrooms when a I really a want a standard cheese pizza.. I dont want to corrupt the taste of the pizza.” Makes sense to me… but change the word Pizza with the phrase “cheese, yummy french stick and wine”

ps: Pizza gives you diabetes and obviously given the fact that I am a beautiful Grecian god like persona of a human being.. nearly Norse Thor-like in fact, a diet of cheese, crusty bread (crackers at a pinch) and cheap table plonk builds the bodies of gods. Forget Bullworker, shake weights or that P-90-Cheddar-X….

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