(Cost of Ownership + Recovery Fees) / Breakdown Anger = Landrover LR3 

 January 3, 2014

By  NickLitten

Death of a Landrover LR3

Well, not really the death, lets call it ‘moving over to the other side’. Whatever we call it, Boris won’t be haunting me any more.

The final straw was breaking down on Christmas Day! Bloody useless thing!!!

Breakdown Anger = Landrover LR3

So, my New Years resolution is to admit defeat and get a reliable car.

This morning, I finally faced reality and dispatched the car to the Auctions. I know I could get much more money selling privately, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to look another person in the eye and tell them “it’s a great car please pay full price”.

Letting an auction deal with it assuages my guilty heart. Amazingly the LR3 started and drove there with no problems #miracle

I’ve spent a week looking at my finances and realized that this problem is just never going to go away and it’s time for me to stop thinking with my heart (I love driving this car) but to think with my head (this car is so unreliable you are an idiot to consider keeping it) and my bank balance (sell it, buy a cheap clunker and wait till you have recouped your losses)

Two year costs

  • over $11,000 in parts, servicing and recovery fees
  • To survive while it was off the road – another $2000 in car rentals, taxi’s and hotels
  • That’s not calculating how many hours of work I’ve lost because it refused to start in the mornings, or left me stuck at airport car parks, etc etc

Anyway, while I’m wearing my grumbling hat, I’m going to estimate that Boris cost me something like $16k during the two years I owned him. This is the cost of a car that I paid $18k for when I bought him.

Landrover LR3 – Cost of ownership over 2 years = $16,000

That’s an amazing sum.

Sad to see the LR3 leave but bloody glad he’s gone.

/me reaches for copy of Autotrader Magazine


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