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October 1, 2017

Country Music for RPG Programmers

By NickLitten

October 1, 2017

music, country

So, I’ve been stateside for a few years now.

I’m still very English (British by Birth, English by the Grace of God) and nothing beats a nice cuppa tea and a crisp biscuit for dunking. Tea is hot, never iced. Bacon Sarnies only come with brown sauce and white bread. You can shove all that green eggs and ham nonsense – only a Full English Fry up will cut it #EnglishFact

But… shhhhh….

I have started to quite like country music

So, looking through my you-tube history, here is the music videos I was watching during this mornings programming session.

I admit, quite almost unashamedly, to toe taping my way through all of them… 🙂

Colt Ford Ride Through The Country

  • I’ve put “Ride Through the Country” on a replay loop so many times I know the lyrics from heart 😉

Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem

Sam Hunt – Take Your Time

Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was

Dierks Bentley – Somewhere On A Beach

Old Dominion – Break Up with Him

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready to Make Nice

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

Taylor Swift and a Cop that looks like the Bloke from Breaking Bad (Shake it Off)

Now… I know this isn’t strictly country and also not strictly an official music video but it makes me smile every time

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