Dancing through the SEO minefield


Nov 30

So, even though Advertising has changed a lot of the years the basic principles remain the same.

google advertising in the golden olden days SEO minefield

You know, I write about many aspects of how to SEO your website or blog, and so many of my posts are geared to the beginner-to-intermediate level person who wants to learn more about SEO and/or handle the optimization of their site themselves. That’s fine and I love to help educate and give you proven ethical tips and techniques to achieve higher rankings.

I originally wrote this article title as SEO IS A BATTLEFIELD but it put that song by Pat Benetar in my brain for a solid 30 minutes so I had to change it 😉

There are so many different way s of promoting your website and all the ingredients need to be in the mix if the cake is going to rise. I frequently talk about Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing but this little blog will be firmly aimed a the beginner. If you want to learn the basics of SEO/SEM then you should start with Google’s most excellent ‘Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide’

Google really are the big boys of Search engine’ness so I try to adhere to there standards wherever applicable. If google disapproves of something you are doing on your website you can bet your bottom dollar you will be losing ranking points, losing website visitors and customers. We really don’t want to do anything that will offend Big ‘G’ and potentially red flag our site.

Sometimes, being red-flagged can be as simple as using the wrong SEO program.

The guys at Google don’t like auto-submission programs so make sure you question the SEO techniques when you are selecting somebody to promote your site. I say somebody because I believe it’s better to have the right person controlling SEO; he/she will be a specialist in the arena and will probably use their own software of choice. This process evolves and grows all the time. Keep that red flag in the cupboard 😉

When you are selecting your SEO ask the right questions. Don’t accept answers on face value. Only hire them if you feel they are completely on your side and can clearly and concisely communicate all aspects of your website. Whats good, whats bad and whats happening to website traffic on a daily basis.

I happen to know someone who is perfect for your web SEO requirements… *cough… Hire me 😉
My professional Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing services are very reasonable and I guarantee that I will give you an exceptional SEO service. I’m so confident that my SEO work will generate results that if I don’t generate more traffic for you then I simply wont bill you. How about that?
It’s free to talk so drop me a line…

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