Disable RPGLE ‘live parsing’ using Rational Developer (IBM RDi)

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May 11, 2016

Want to disable RPGLE Live Parsing?

“IBM Rdi” is arguably the best code editor for coding on IBM i. That’s pretty much a given. But, it’s still filled with little annoyances and things that make me groan.

One, in particular, is the lagginess and freezing that comes when trying to edit very large programs using less than top-notch computer hardware.

I present for the Jury – working at a customer site today trying to edit a behemoth of a 65k+ line program (way too large for SEU) and RDi on the HP desktop with 2GB memory (a low spec office computer from several years ago)

RANT MODE ON – Why do many companies supply their IT Workers with low quality, underpowered computers to do their work? Surely the IT Department should have the very best and most powerful computers compared to everyone else in the business? If you were a car service center would you give the same toolset to a salesman that you give to the mechanics? *sigh* But anyway… back to the blog….

Me ranting.

Open RDi… waitwait… open source member… wait some more…. get into code changes and then it all locks up for 30 seconds while the LIVE PARSING procedures tries to figure out all the variables.

Luckliy we can turn it off!!

Window > Preferences > Remote Systems > Remote Systems LPEX Editor > ILE RPG (or type ILE RPG into the shortcut in the preferences window)

Look near the bottom and you will see ‘Update the Outline View when text is changed in the editor’.

Disable RPGLE 'live parsing' using Rational Developer (IBM RDi) 1

Turn it off and RDi way faster and smoother.


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Nick Litten

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