Doug Moore’s Muffler Service in San Clemente is excellent 

 July 8, 2014

By  NickLitten

You know you’re in California when the welder at the Muffler Shop gives you dietary advice on vegetables and fruits!

So, in my search for an alternative to the wallet busting quote of $1,300.00 to replace Hermans the Honda’s full exhaust system I stumbled across a local muffler shop and dropped by for a free estimate.

One day later Herman is back on the road, wallet is only $200 lighter and the rotten sections have been cut out and replaced with fresh shiny fabricated replacement pipes, bolts and stuff. On top of that I also had a couple of other very minor items fixed, replacement rear hanger under the car plus fresh spot welds on the fuel cap door which was regularly coming off if pulled too hard.

It’s not often I endorse a local business but Doug Moore’s Muffler Service in San Clemente is awesome! Doug himself is a thoroughly decent chap, definite #SOCAL surfer vibe (“dude!”) and anyone that recommends that I eat should “more cleansing vegetables and fruits to purge my system of any impurities that I may have inhaled while driving the car with a broken muffler pumping fumes into the car” is just taking customer care that yard further.

Herman drives like a dream… quiet and I can hear him contentedly muttering to himself about how quiet and powerful he is now… all the time secretly missing the booming Sherman Tank sounds he was roaring over the weekend… 😉

If you are in Orange County CA and need welding services or have been told you need a new muffler call Doug on (949) 492-5540


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