June 24


Druapl and Drupal – spelling and finger malfunctions

By NickLitten

June 24, 2011

druapl, drupal

Why is it that as I get older my fingers, instead of becoming increasingly skillful on the keyboard – they are becoming more and more like a bunch of half-thawed walls sausages.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as passionate about a well cooked sossy-sarnie as the next man… personally I’m all about grilling them to get the fat off then slicing it lengthways and just dropping in the frying pan to brown the inside, a big fresh white baguette with heaps of onions and mustard. Yum!… but I digress…

Druapl and drupal - spelling and finger malfunctions 1

This morning I have typed DRUAPL at least 70% of the time when trying to email somebody about the Druapl… damn it… DRUPAL Content management system. sausage fingers. pah.

Maybe it’s time to install Dragon Naturally speaking and stick my hands firmly in my pockets. 😉

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