Drunk RPG Programmer cannot use Google 

 March 13, 2012

By  NickLitten

So, as usual… today I was scratching my head with a problem that was kind of outside my realms of expertise. These realms are many, I hasten to add the ones outside are the many ones and the ones inside are rapidly diminishing with my brain cells exploding in a puff of logic and old age. Slightly tipsy, nay drunk RPG Programmer should not be online.

Searching the esteemed search word engine of High Lord Bing and the mighty Goddess Google I found some interesting stuff about stored procedures…. and as I sit here… late at night… deep into my second bottle of red wine… spool *hic* spellchecking this for the fifteenth time… I realize that this is not the time to type this stuff.

Drunk RPG Programmer

Dont Drink and Program, kids

Besides trying to type technical stuff while playing Facebook Poker is losing me loads of chips.

so… *cough*… its time to sideline this for tomorrow…

and… errm… I will…


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Nick Litten

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