February 1


Duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D

By NickLitten

February 1, 2017


CTRL + D = Duplicate a line of code

Yes – Forget COPY/BEFORE/AFTER and quickly duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D.

It’s really that simple.

If, like me, you grew up with SEU as your terminal based editor choice – you will be used to Copy and Before or After. You might even get a little fancy and use the RePeat code to duplicate that line of code. You might even put on your Wizards hat and do a RPn to repeat a line multiple times… You probably feel quite fancy doing this in Rdi dont you?

I know that I did.

Duplicate a line in rdi with ctrl/d

But, I was just in RDi and accidentally discovered that CTRL/D duplicates any line that you are on. Great for quickly adding cloned lines and big fat comment blocks.

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