February 19


Each IBM i Technology Releases is like a vintage sports car

By NickLitten

February 19, 2014

IBM i, release, technology, TR7

I always wanted a TR6 or even its pointy cheese wedge cousin the TR7… but this blog isnt about that. It’s about the much more geekish IBM i Technology Release for IBM i operating system: Steve Will, IBM i Chief Architect, talks about some of the highlights of #IBMi TR6 and TR7 that were delivered in 2013:


If you dont see the embedded youtube video then watch it here

The technology refreshes are key components for the IBM i operating system that are released in between major operating system changes. TR6 came out in mid-2013 and TR7 arrived for Christmas… these enhancements included lots of goodies ranging from

  • the ability to use USB for backups
  • mobile device support
  • PHP enhancements for the ZEND Server
  • SQL service integration (this is huge as it allows application developers to access IBM i data from anywhere)
  • and with TR7 we finally got /freeformat RPG Huzzah!

I could gush on and on about RPG at this point… but I wont… I’m going to surf off and google images of TR6’s instead

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