February 14


Find all turnover projects and subprojects that are checked out

By NickLitten

February 14, 2011

#SQL, #Turnover, #v100


Ever wanted to see a quick list of everything that is checked out for a Turnover Project?

What if the Project has many subprojects?

We can use the Turnover V100 plugin for RDI, or we can use the good old green screen to poke around but it’s much easier to peek into the Turnover Database itself using SQL.

Very easy to see with one simple SQL command:

select * from softturnd/toutlgll where coref# like 'PROJ0099%'

This will show you every object that is checked out for that 'PROJ0099' and all subsequent 'PROJ009901' '02' '03' etc.. projects

If you want to exclude specific levels (on our system Level=’20’ is production) just use the colev field. ie:

select * from softturnd/toutlgll where coref# like 'PROJ0099%' and colev <> '20'

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