January 11


Fixing Skype problems with Win10 9860 technical preview

By NickLitten

January 11, 2015


Since the first service pack (9860 or quickie update) to Windows10 Technical Preview my skype has stopped working. Researching this online, I found that some Win8.1 users also suffer from the same annoying problem. Hashtag bugger and darnation.

All I see in Skype is this annoying message:

Fixing skype problems with win10 9860 technical preview 1

Luckily, Microsoft is aware of the problem and will (hopefully) be fixed in the next build. Until then, we have a nice little workaround:

In reply to Akshay [MSFT]’s post on October 23, 2014

This is an issue with the Webcam Privacy settings in Build 9860. To work around the issue you will need to give Skype permission to use your webcam through “PC settings”.

  • Close the Skype App
  • Launch “PC settings”
  • Select “Privacy”
  • Select “Webcam”
  • Locate Skype in the app list and move the slider to the “On” position

This works for all the webcam enabled messaging services. Before I found this fix I downloaded and installed ICQ (the beautiful dinosaur of instant messaging and my first ever online messaging experience) but it suffered from the same webcam-connection problem. Luckily the privacy settings fixed everything!

Fixing skype problems with win10 9860 technical preview 2


Time for a chat with my youngest who is visiting family with mamacita over on the East Coast:

Fixing skype problems with win10 9860 technical preview 3

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