February 24


Forget MAGA Vote MGWA – Make Greenscreen Wide Again

By NickLitten

February 24, 2017

24x80, 27x132, 5250, wide

Make Greenscreen Wide Again

Good old fashioned Green Screen. Not, not the trendy computer graphics – look I can superimpose myself in space type “green screen”. I’m talking about the original – the green on black, 1960’s style terminals that we associate with old mainframe computers. Call it what you will; terminal emulator, 5250 screen,  data entry – it’s old fashioned, it’s clunky but it’s also fast and easy and (regrettably) here to stay.

24×80 versus 27×132

Why does anyone set themselves up with 24×80 screens by default?

The wider screen format was added many years ago and still most lazy programmers simply design the narrower, information hungry 24 lines and 80 columns layouts. Why not use the 27 lines and 132 layout by default?

Forget maga vote mgwa - make greenscreen wide again 1

It should be – wide screen look better, easily conveys more information to the user and just as easily interface with.

When I’m forced into the world of green screen I’m making an effort to make 5250 great again – wide again. Are you?

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