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October 21, 2008

Free Download Manager – lots of files, big files, easy

By NickLitten

October 21, 2008

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So, we all know that downloading big, fat files from the internet can be a big, fat pain in the big, fat arse. Luckily a free tool called “Free Download Manager” takes that pain away.

Even if you enjoy a fast internet connection, being disconnected near the end of a big download can make you scream. If you are suffering a slow internet connection, then the thought of downloading files that will take hours can be painful. But don’t worry — along comes FREE INTERNET DOWNLOADER to take all those worries away.

Quite simply, it controls you downloads and downloads them in chunks – much faster than normal and if you decide to lose internet or reboot it simply resumes where it left off — the next time you go online.

  • resuming interrupted downloads, which is extremely useful when downloading large files
  • prioritizing of download tasks;
  • full control over the download and upload speed;
  • splitting the downloads in several threads for the possibility to speed up the downloading process;
  • tagging the downloaded files. You have the possibility to assign multiple tags to one file, which allows to easily find the file no matter how long ago it was downloaded.

What is Free Download Manager?

It is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license.

Freedownloadmanager has been a great little addition to my standard Windows Tool Collection. I use it for my regular downloads which it always grabs from google chrome, Firefox and Internet Exploder. NOTE: it also handles torrents very nicely — but I prefer uTorrent for this.

Increase download speed


Increase your download speed and resume broken downloads

FDM accelerates downloads by splitting files into sections and then downloading them simultaneously. As a result download speed increases up to 600%, or even more! FDM can also resume broken downloads so you needn`t start downloading from the beginning after casual interruption.

Http/ftp/bittorrent support
HTTP/FTP/BitTorrent support

FDM lets you download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
You can also download files using BitTorrent protocol.

Flash video download
Flash video download

Download video from video sites, such as Youtube, Google Video, etc. The video can then be saved in native .flv format or converted to one of more popular video formats.

Gnu general public license
GNU General Public License

Free download manager is now open source software released under GNU GPL.

Enjoy easy file sharing

A built-in Upload Manager lets you upload your files easily to share them with other people. Upload manager can be easily integrated with your system (Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express).

Enjoy safer and more rewarding downloading
Enjoy safer and more rewarding downloading

You can read what other community members say about the file you are going to download, and also leave your own opinion about the file you downloaded. In this way FDM users are always warned against useless or malicious files.


In addition, Free Download Manager allows you to: adjust traffic usage; to organize and schedule downloads; download video from video sites; download whole web sites with HTML Spider; operate the program remotely, via the internet, and more! For full features list, see the features section.

System requirements:

Windows. Nuff said.

NOTE: If Apples is your thing then check out a nifty MAC alternative called IGETTER

Free download manager
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