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August 4, 2014

From AS400 RPG Programmer to modern IBM i ILE Software Developer

By NickLitten

August 4, 2014

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I used to be an AS400 RPG Programmer – What am I now?

I’m an IT Consultant (aka RPG Programmer) primarily working on IBM Power Systems (IBM i, System-i, iSeries, AS400).

I’ve worked with the IBM AS400 (iSeries, IBMi) for twenty years and specialize in all variants of the RPG/CL language as well as detailed knowledge of systems infrastructure, connectivity, change management, security, disaster recovery, database design and much more. During this time I have worked with many applications ranging from ERP systems like JBA (GEAC/INFOR) System/21 to Casino to Internet based Webservice applications. I classify myself as an expert programmer in RPG and CL languages, and I strive to rapidly develop new software solutions and offer a best of class support system for existing computer systems and infrastructure.

Nicholas john litten

Outside of the ‘400’ world I’ve been designing, managing and optimizing websites since the first days of the World Wide Web. I have extensive ecommerce experience and have built websites with most of the common CMS applications (Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, etc). I manage several websites specifically focusing on SEO/SEM: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

This diversity gives me a special insight into building exceptional business relationships and providing solutions that reap increasing benefits for my clients.

I’ve worked for clients all over the world and my experience in the distributing and manufacturing fields, as well as my capacity to easily transfer my knowledge are significant.

  • I’m serious, professional, autonomous and responsible.
  • I quickly appraise and resolve problems.
  • I work well under pressure, especially when schedules are tight.

I’m in the enviable position where my work is my hobby and I spend as much time at the keyboard playing with cool digital stuff as I do actually developing and deploying it.

From as400 rpg programmer to modern ibm i ile software developer 1
From as400 rpg programmer to modern ibm i ile software developer 2
From as400 rpg programmer to modern ibm i ile software developer 3

I am results oriented and confident that I will add value to your IT team.

For a detailed Resume please view my profile on LinkedIn
View nick litten's profile on linkedin

Nick Litten
IBM i Developer & IT Solution Provider

Nick litten's facebook profile

Projex | Contact | Skype | Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter

Brief Curriculum Vitae

I’m an experienced IT Consultant and e-Business Solution Provider specializing in services for the IBM Power i Systems [AS400], Web and Internet Technologies.

I’m an IBM i RPG analyst programmer, Web designer and SEO/SEM consultant.

I specialize in modern RPG /Freeform programing and code modernization – from old RPG3 to RPG400 to modern ILE RPG code styles.

Career professional with a proven track record administering, developing and supporting IBM-i (AS400) applications and web based technologies. Experienced programmer, systems administrator, network and change management expert. Supported many IBM i (AS400) products as a senior level engineer. Broad web design, e-commerce, SEO and data interface experience.

IBMi on Power Systems: iSeries, AS/400, DB2/uDB, IFS, Drupal, change management, security, encryption, communications and system administration. – i5/OS, RPG (Free, ILE, IV, and III), JAVA, PHP, DB2 SQL, JSP, HTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, MQ Series and more, Web2.0 methodologies, JBA System21 Applications, AS400/iSeries configuration, Security management, Change management, Network infrastructure, inter-system communications, data exchange.


Change Management
Turnover, Aldon, Implementor400

Web based technologies
Drupal, Joomla, PHP, JAVA, HTML, XML, CSS

Recommendations For Nick Litten

Freelance IBM i Developer

“Nick’s commitment and dedication to providing the highest quality technical solutions is second to none. Working with him as he helped launch an after-market parts & accessories B2C project gave me the opportunity to see his ability to break complex tasks into manageable deliverables, to combine modern web technologies with a legacy AS/400 application – including print functionaltiy, and after-deployment system support. Users find him a pleasure to work with and continually go to him for support and to discuss both existing features and functionality as well as system enhancements that they would like to implement. Nick can be counted on to consistently deliver when others fall short while being a pleasure to work with.” Julie Kentner, IT Business Partner, E-Z-GO Textron, hired Nick in 2008

“Nick is a triple A rated i Series Consultant. Everytime I have recruited Nick for client projects he has delivered. But more than that, the feedback that I have had from clients has been that Nick always goes that bit further to bring value to the project in terms of ideas and team spirit. He is personable, very business minded and trustworthy. As a contract recruiter there is nothing I like more than to have clients raving about the contractors I recruit for them and clients have always done that with Nick.” Steve Brown, Summit Consulting UK, hired Nick as a IT Consultant in 1998, and hired Nick more than once

I have used Nick’s services many times over the past five years. He has built excellent web-sites and supporting services for my business, is always personable and listens carefully to our issues before offering a solution(s). Nick has a highly tuned commercial acumen and broad technical experience. Most importantly he responds quickly in a crisis and if he does not have the answer he will go and find it. I have recommended Nick to several friends and business colleagues who are all very happy with his service, attitude and charges. He is very professional and a thoroughly good bloke.” Adrian Sewell, Questix, hired Nick as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Nick more than once

Nick has a great combination of expert knowledge and clear communication skills. He single-handedly built and installed our office systems with none of the problems which had plagued us with our previous IT supplier. Most import, his onsite training was clear, concise and his knowledge of everything from PC components to internet design is second to none.” Peter Frithe hired Nick as a IT Consultant in 2008, and hired Nick more than once

Nick is an exceptionally talented IT professional with particular expertise in the field of IBM i, iSeries, AS/400 development and technical management. I worked with Nick for several years in a specialist team tasked with turning around legacy AS/400 systems that had seriously lacked investment and management. Nick’s ability to take such challenges on board resulted in a modernised, audit approved, and well managed environment with minimal impact to the business. There are few that I would personally rate as experts and Nick is one of them.” Ian King, Vice President, Dresdner Kleinwort worked directly with Nick at Dresdner Kleinwort

Nick worked on my team acting as technical guru across the iSeries platform, upgrading old RPG3 code to state of the art RPG/ILE and directing the team towards better technical use of the machine allowing improved application performance and system integration He is an excellent worker always looking for superior solutions, a very affable individual and I have no hesitation in recommending Nick from both a technical and personal perspective.” Colin Sandler, Vice President – IT, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein worked directly with Nick at Dresdner Kleinwort

Please feel free to email Nick Litten if you have any questions or comments about the the website, IBM Power i systems, AS400, RPG, ILE, CLP or anything else to do with life in general.

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