May 24


Ghost, goblins and invisible superbeings

By NickLitten

May 24, 2014

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“I have so much in common with people of faith. We only disagree on the existence of 1 out of 3000 gods. They’re nearly as atheist as I am “

Ricky Gervais

We are all born atheist.

We are all taught the religious belief system of our parents or family members. If you are born in a Christian Country, to a christian family – the chances are “you will be raised a Christian”. The same goes for Islam, Taoism, Budhism, whatever…

Ghost, goblins and invisible superbeings

As an infant, before I could talk or choose for myself, I was baptised a Catholic Christian. I went to these huge Gothic places of worship with my Nana as a young child. Like all kids, church was this boring thing we had to do on Sundays — but spending time with my grandparents was always fun.

In my pre-teen years my Mum took to another branch of Christianity (Jehovah’s Witnesses) and I was indoctrinated into that faith. She has always been religious and has adopted the JW Dogma with relish to this day. Mum loves it, it fulfills her and I’m happy for her. I’m happy for her, but sad for myself because the religion has stolen my Mum away, and the kids grandma away. FOr a JW the religion comes above family (fi they do not follow the doctrine).

Although I might say that Jehovah’s Witness religion is strict and blinkered, Jehovah’s Witnesses really do strive to be the best kind of people they can be. As long as you are in the clan.

As I matured into my teenage years I studied the Bible daily. I looked at other religions and became interested in religious beliefs and what exactly is the root of mans need for them.

Late teens, the start of critical thinking, saw the start of my agnostic years.

I have long maintained that the study of religious dogma, is the quickest way for anyone to ask themselves the big questions… and find their own personal answers.

It’s strange that studying religious texts leads many of us to finally seeing that religious questions simply lack intelligent answers. Answers of “The Gods did it because they can do anything” just dont cut the mustard. Most religious dogma lacks substance. Over the years of study, I came to a firm conviction that belief in deities, faith in actions being performed by invisible beings and the constant threats of damnation (from a so-called loving God) were not for me.

Atheism set me free

Announcing my lack of credible belief to my Christian family was a nerve wracking and harrowing experience. For all their good virtues, Jehovahs Witnesses do not take well to rejection (but thats a long story for an entirely different blog entry).

After the painful religious-divorce, I felt free. It was like shackles are removed and you can think bigger, broader and with more freedom. #tryit

Now, decades later, as a long time atheist, I feel no need for a belief in invisible deities and delight in religious discussions.

This doesn’t mean I look down on religious people that do, nor do I scoff at them.

Everyone has a belief system in one shape or form (for example: I believe in EVOLUTION and I am basing my belief on faith in science). But, the big difference between atheist humans and religious humans is that it’s the religious humans that feel the need to fight, kill and maim in the *name* of their religion(s).

Personally, I cannot imagine approaching a Hindu/Christian/Muslim/Moonie and getting into any kind of heated fight because they have a different belief system… the thought of going on a blood thirsty Holy Crusade or Jihad and killing other people because they simply do not believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a concept that I just cannot grasp.

Be nice to people and hope that they are nice to you.

Thats my motto.

In the words of a character from my personal holy of holies:

“Live, Long and Prosper”


I have not seen compelling evidence that would justify existence of any of the gods. Let alone the Christian god. Do you have provable evidence?

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