September 20


Gunnar RPG Computer Glasses

By NickLitten

September 20, 2013

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GUNNAR RPG – excellent for RPG Programmers

My first memories of wearing glasses were from my pre-teens; my Mum taking me down the local opticians to collect my big brown plastic NHS specs. Some seriously horrible, big brown plastic things. This led to years of school ground taunting being called a speccy-four-eyes and finally refusing to wear them and spending years squinting at blackboards or copying off people next to me… then into my late teens and invention of personal computers and my inevitable attraction to keyboards and monitors… my eyesight took a turn for the worse. By the time I was thirty, I was properly shortsighted (-5 in both eyes) and glasses and/or contacts were just a part of life.

Gunnar glasses for rpg programmers

I wish Gunnar optics were around in those days.

I’ve been thinking about wearing glasses specifically for computer work recently, and just today I realized that Gunnar have some glasses called the GUNNAR RPG. So, obviously, as an RPG Programmer they are designed for me!

Not only are the computerized glasses very cool looking – but I love the concept of lenses that are specifically designed to reduce eye-ball wear and tear for us Computer Geeks that spend (far too many) hours staring at computer screens.

Time for some new glasses I think….

Who would have thought the inner-geek would make me feel excited to be buying some new specs?

Yellow ones… and this time I will be old enough not care if kids call me speccy! 😉


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