Hack This

January 1, 2000

Hack This

By NickLitten

January 1, 2000


Firstly, let me say a big THANKYOU for trying to hack this, my website. I shall take it as a a compliment, a quick little thumbs up, and smile at the quirky thought process that lead you to try and login to my blog site. Shame on you, naughty little thing. Do you think there might be something of interest here? There really isn’t. This page is just a load of Guff.

Hack this

Having said that, please feel free to spend as much time as you like trying to login as me but you just might find it trickier than you think. 🙂

But at least you can see some paid advertising from my sponsors

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Your failed login has earned me a few pennies.

I thankyou for that!

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