How can I learn Microsoft MS Project 2010 

 December 1, 2019

By  NickLitten

Microsoft Project 2010 is arguably the best project management application out there. I regularly brush with it, see its efficacy, try to use it but will sooner later get confused by gantt charts and how they can be setup. I always seem to spend a lot of time trying to create a Project before completely screwing it up after a few sausage fingered clicks…

Luckily help is at hand, very close at hand, and I just need to let Uncle Dave help me!

Learn Microsoft MS Project

learn Microsoft MS Project

MSProject is an excellent solution to the problems involved in keeping track of projects as they develop. It easily integrates with other project management software and will import/export from any another software program that you may prefer. Neat stuff. But it’s still a complicated thing that I’ve used many times, skimmed over the top of most of the complicated processes and left me scratching my head about how it works.

Luckily, courtesy of my infamous Uncle Dave, help is at hand: Microsoft Projex Online Course

Dave’s fast-track fast-paced video will give you a great overview, and give you the confidence to know that YOU TOO can Master Microsoft Project 2010:

Dave is my hero when it comes to anything to do with Project Management. As a project management consultant and Prince2 Accredited instructor for over 20 years he is the man to guide you, me, my dog and just about any sentient being through the minefield of project management application.

Check out his BLOG and his online training courses at The Projex Academy

I hope you’re as envious of his intellect as I am šŸ™‚


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