April 11


How to archive Turnover objects – Change Management for IBM i Series

By NickLitten

April 11, 2015

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Steps to remove code from scheduled Releases

Simple steps to archive Turnover objects using Turnover Change Management for IBM i ( and the older iSeries / AS400 machines)

TO – Turnover Menu
Archive turnover objects

Option 9 – Work with Projects and Tasks

Create a Worklist and then Checkout program at top level (presumably your production level)

Option 46 – Add to form (on object library you want to remove objects)

This will create a new form and make sure you add recompiles

Resequence the form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N 
Check for logical files and add them to the form . . . Y 
Check cross-reference file for related objects . . . . Y 
Check for objects changed by other programmers . . . . N 

F21 – Select all Recompiles

Note – Always select application you are using on – Cross Reference application Selection screen

Now we have a form created and ready to do something to all those checked out objects. We can just go and update the form to DELETE

Option 42 – Edit form

Change each object on form to mark it as a DELETE request (dont worry because Turnover will archive the object to its archive library before it *deletes* the real one)

F7 – Update Top

Change Code to ‘D=Delete’

Repeat for each object on form

Update form and return to work list:

47 – Run Form
Verify the program source/object have been removed from targeted library and objects are checked in from your worklist.
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