How to change all lines on LMS TURNOVER form to add, delete or replace 

 December 8, 2016

By  NickLitten

LMS 7.3 – IBM i Lodging Management System

In the words of Jesse from the Fast Show (showing my age there) — This week I will be mostly preparing to upgrade LMS 7.1 to LMS 7.3.3

agilysys lms

So, this Las Vegas Casino uses Turnover V100 to manage software change management across its IBM i Systems. I actually helped them setup and run their huge customized Hotel System upgrade to LMS 7.1 a few years ago and was delighted to be asked to come back and help them do it all over again, but this time going to LMS 7.3.3

The difference with this upgrade is that many of the Casino’s bespoke customizations have now found their way down into the Agilysys LMS base product. This is great news for the software development team, reducing the scope of their software support.

After some analysis we found a large number of files, logicals, data areas, programs, display files, printer files, service programs, binding directories, partridges and pear trees that can now be deleted from the customized libraries allowing the application to drop down the library list and find the new LMS 7.3 core products that are doing the same things. Of course, we also found many programs that either needed simple recompilation or minor tweaks to work with the new LMS 7.3 database. This is where I had to put on my Turnover Hat.

After uploading a spreadsheet and automating Turnover Worklist and Form creation I found myself with several large turnover forms with hundreds of lines on each. The ‘delete’ form had 500+ objects to be deleted and I wanted to change each and every line from ‘R’ replace (the default) to ‘D’ Delete (which would allow turnover to archive these objects for me)

Sounds Familiar?

Much as I enjoy typing, editing hundreds of lines would be a pain the proverbial so I used my trusty old Projex4i Toolkit to do the heavy listing for me:

Using TRNFORM command to update all lines in a TURNOVER Form

So my initial form might look like this:

How to change all lines on LMS TURNOVER form to add, delete or replace 1

Come out of the form. Goto command entry and type:


which should look like this:

How to change all lines on LMS TURNOVER form to add, delete or replace 2

After it’s run it should have done exactly what it says on the tin and looks like this:

How to change all lines on LMS TURNOVER form to add, delete or replace 3

I ran this for 3 separate forms, with over 1,700 objects and had them all setup in less than a minute.

If you want to do the same thing just go and download my free software toolkit from https://software.projex.com/download

Time for a coffee.



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