How to debug an as400 CLP or RPG opm or ILE job in batch sub system 

 September 25, 2017

By  NickLitten

another old snippet from an ancient document I found in a dim dark and hazy corner of an even older and crustier HDD… rather than let it disintegrate, here it is migrating to the web just in the (extreme) off chance that it may be useful to someone out there…. 😉

Debug a program in BATCH.

1. Hold the JobQ (Eg: QBATCH)

2. Submit the job.

3. Hold the job – Take option 3 against the job in “Work with submitted jobs”.

4. Release the JobQ

5. Take option 5 against the job to be debugged and make a note of the “Job Name”, “User”, and “Job Number”.

6. Execute the command STRSRVJOB – Start Service Job. Input the Job Name, User, Job Number.

7. STRDBG – Start Debug.

8. Release the job that is on hold – Take option 6 against the job on hold to release.

9. Once the job is released, a screen is displayed which tells u to add the break points. Take F10 and execute the command ADDBKP.

10.Then it is the normal way of debug using STRDBG.


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