How to fix VPN problem after Win8.1 update? It’s the same as Windows10 just use Compatibility Wizard 

 February 10, 2015

By  NickLitten

How to fix VPN problem after Win8.1 update? It's the same as Windows10 just use Compatibility Wizard 1

Bloody VPN is giving me a headache!

Microsoft released an update to Win8.1 this week — which has screwed my Cisco VPN connection. Again. I thought it was only my Win10 laptop that was hating Cisco VPN but I think there is a developer on the Windows team that hates Cisco… lets call him “Henry”. Well, Henry is a little bugger because he likes to screw with VPN compatibility, tinker with required MTU settings and basically shaft us poor windows users who have multiple VPN connections. Luckily I have found a fairly solid way of fixing these problems over the last couple of months.

Compatibility Wizard setting to WIN7 generally does the trick, but I always recommend re-installing the software first because (a) it will ensure you are running the latest version and (b) will make sure the software registry is all setup correctly. So lets get to it…

(1) Reinstall the VPN software

Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Legacy Client (5.0.7)

Shrewsoft – this is my preferred freeware alternative to Cisco Legacy. I am running Version 2.2.1 on Win8.1 and Win10 and it works luvvly jubbly.

If re-installing doesn do the trick then try this:

(2) use Windows Troubleshooter to Change the mode to Windows compatibliity

1. Right click VPNUI in the Cisco install folder. (for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\”)

How to fix VPN problem after Win8.1 update? It's the same as Windows10 just use Compatibility Wizard 2

2. Choose Troubleshoot compatibility.

3. Wait for the Wizard to complete and take the setting it recommends.

4. NOTE: Alternatively click PROPERTIESSimply set to Compatible with Windows 7. (This has worked for me every time)

How to fix VPN problem after Win8.1 update? It's the same as Windows10 just use Compatibility Wizard 3

5. Restart the VPN service. (No need for me, worked after the compatibility mode fix)

6. Start AnyConnect from the start menu.

7. Is it Working?

Still not working?

Mutter “Oh Bugger” quietly to yourself and

(3) prepare to run a MTU tweak to set the network packet sizes

To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix it button or link. In the File Download dialog box, click Run and then follow the steps in the Fix it Wizard.

Change the MTU Settings for PPP Connections
Microsoft Fix it 50613
Change the MTU Settings for VPN Connections
Microsoft Fix it 50614

PS: don’t worry, this isn’t some hocus pocus virus – If you dont trust me (why should you?) go and download these fixes yourself direct from Microsoft here

Good Luck.


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