October 12


How to install a font in INTERFORM400

By NickLitten

October 12, 2020

Install a font in INTERFORM400

INTERFORM is an IBM-i application that converts regular *SPLF (Spool files aka reports) into different PDF style layouts. It can add change fonts, graphics, logos, add print logic for data selection, and do other prettification of old dry reports without needing any code changes.

So, a few days ago I was asked to simply take some existing reports and “change the font to Calibri” which sounds like it should be straightforward. So, of course I quickly volunteered to do it.

:rollseyes Things are never as simple as they seem.

INTERFORM/400 Default Fonts

Of course, the problem here is that the default fonts included with Interform do not include fonts like Calibri:

How to install a font in interform400 1

So, after much head scratching, googling and reading the Interform documentation I finally gave up and raised a support ticket.

Two days later I get a reply saying to upload the font from the windows directory into an import IFS location and then run the green screen font import option (hidden away menu menus deep).

So, let’s document this in case any other pointy headed IBM i programmers are ever googling looking for the same solution.

The reply to my support ticket said:

Nick, Yes, any font can be used if you have the TTF files for it. Calibri is included with Windows so you can copy the TTFs to the IBM i /APF3812Home/Work directory and then import them. If you are using InterForm400 2018 onwards I would suggest using the “2. Work with universal fonts” option in the Font menu as this will do most of the work for you.

Support Chap from INTERFORM

1 – Upload the TTF font from PC to IBM i

I’m using IBM i ACS (Access Client Solution) to quickly upload the TTF Font file to the IFS import folder.

I found the Calibri font in \windows\fonts:

How to install a font in interform400 2

With a quick copy/paste into a downloads folder we can snag all the TTF files:

Copy font to interform
right click and COPY the font from the control panel screen
How to install a font in interform400 3
paste them into a working folder on your PC

Now we can use IBM i IFS Transfer to upload these TTF files into the IFS import folder:

How to install a font in interform400 4
select fonts and upload

Remember to select every font variation and upload to the import folder!

How to install a font in interform400 5

Use the WRKLNK command to look at the all the file names and get ready to type the file names into the INTERFORM import screen:

How to install a font in interform400 6

Now its time to run the INTERFORM Font import

addlible apf3812 
APFMENU  |  80 Administering InterForm400  |  4 Work with fonts | 2 Work with universal fonts  |  F6=Create Font

Now you have to type in each individual font variant into the font screen:

How to install a font in interform400 7
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