July 16


How to install Softlanding TURNOVER V100 on IBM i, iSeries and AS400 system

By NickLitten

July 16, 2015

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Install Turnover V100 Software Change Management Application

Grab the latest Turnover ZIP file from your supplied IBM i CD or from http://support.softlanding.com

This zip file contains the IBM i software for TURNOVER® for iSeries v100.

Lets do this!

Follow these steps to load the T100INST installation library. Each step is explained in detail in the following paragraphs. Be sure you are signed on as QSECOFR or the equivalent and have *ALLOBJ authority

  1. Unzip this file to your PC
    The T100inst.sav file must be in an un-zipped state before you can FTP it to your IBM i. Use standard windows tooling to unzip the file to a location on your PC.
  2. Create a save file on the IBM i (I suggest QGPL/T100inst.sav)
    To FTP the file you must first create an empty save file on your IBM i. For example, use this command: CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/T100INST) TEXT(‘T100INST installation library’)
  3. FTP the T100inst.sav file to the IBM i
    Use your standard FTP process (dont forget to ‘BINARY’!) or just drag drop using IBM i Access and then use – CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF(‘/uploadedfile’) TOMBR(‘/QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/T100INST.file’) MBROPT(*REPLACE)
  4. Delete the previous T100INST installation library
    Use DLTLIB LIB(T100INST) to delete the old installation library.
  5. Restore the T100INST library
    (note: Once restored you can delete the save file)

Once you have restored the T100INST installation library you can access the install menu by typing


Now follow the menu options and *voila* V100 is ready to rock and roll

2019 Update – V101 is Here!

Want to upgrade your old version to TURNOVER V101?

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