How to instantly add WooCommerce product to cart and check out


May 22

WooCommerce is a great ecommerce solution for WordPress websites, but the Woo workflow can feel too long for simple, or subscription based products. So, lets configure #woocommerce to bypass the CART Page and jump straight to the checkout when a customer adds a product.

This used to need a little bit of PHP functionality to do the magic, but I recently accidentally discovered a smooth solution that just needs a little set-up in the base Woocommerce settings. :smileyface


and make sure “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” is selected


Now, update the Cart page to point to Checkout page

update the Cart page to point to Checkout page

Now any time a user clicks the BUY BUTTON it will take them direct to the checkout payment screen to enter their credit card details. :anothersmileyface

Now, when we click BUY NOW it looks a little like a rhesus monkey wearing a powdered wig:

Buy Now Button in WooCommerce
Buy Now Button in WooCommerce CHECKOUT

You are most welcome! 🙂


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