September 25


How to see which Turnover Forms were ran from a specific Turnover Application?

By NickLitten

September 25, 2012

Turnover, Forms

Can we find which Turnover Forms ran from a specific Turnover Application?

The answer is ‘YES’ and you might find it’s easier than you thought. Using good old fashioned green screen menus (which in my case are white screens – but dont let that distract you) we can find this info quickly and easily.

Here is the green screen (5250) way of doing looking at Turnover Forms.

1 Go into Turnover main menu using cmd(TURNOVER)

Turnover forms

2 Option 6. Work with Forms


3 Press F17(Filters) and enter the Filter information you want to look for

How to see which turnover forms were ran from a specific turnover application? 1

When you press enter you will see just the FORMS that satisfy that particular filter condition.


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