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Jan 08

Last night was I was chatting to an old programming chum in Chicago. As you may be aware, for most people in the AS400/iSeries/IBM-i arena the term “old programming chum” automatically implies a gray haired old fart wearing frayed cords, cheap (but comfortable!) shoes and excessively dour facial features with a slightly “smarter than thou” attitude. This doesn’t apply to my friend Toby, he hasn’t got any hair to go gray 😉

So, he was having some problems with RDi and I helped him upgrade it to the latest version, V9.6.0.5 at time of writing, and all the problems went away #huzzah!

How to Upgrade RDi to the latest version

Let’s do this the easy way and use the IBM INSTALLATION MANAGER – this is the installer that you originally used to install RDi. Grab it from here

Launch IBM INSTALLATION MANAGER as administrator:


Now we are going to click… drum roll please… UPDATE. *duh*

This will show you all packages that you have installed:

click the “Update all packages with recommended updates and recommended fixes” check box:

Now it will go off searching for updates:

Go and Get a Coffee

This searching stage can take a few minutes. It will eventually, hopefully, show you the updates that it found.

In my case this was a minor upgrade from my current to

So, let’s simply follow the Prompts:

Slurp that coffee

When the IBM INSTALLER has finished collecting, sorting, slurping and burping it will show what it found and let you do the UPDATE.

It really is this simple!


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