October 17


I miss tea and scones

By NickLitten

October 17, 2010

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I miss tea and scones…

… but loving life in the USA and couldn’t imagine living life anywhere else.

Life over here is awesome

So, shortly after relocating to the colonies I find myself riding around the country, wearing my red-coat outfit and searching for American keyboards to tap on. Trying to find somewhere to call home that is close enough for me to see my kids at weekends but far enough away that the evil exwife and her broiling witch-craft spells couldn’t find me. Wait.. calm down… not on a public blog 😮

So, after hunting around the USA working at locations as diverse as Chicago IL, Augusta GA, Las Vegas NV, San Francisco CA and New York NY – I finally stumble into Charleston and fall in love with the laid back life style, the great restaurants and bars, the palm trees, the beaches and promise of weekends spent strolling around in the sunshine.

Living in a beach house doesn’t hurt!

Nick Litten’s Life Part 2 commences…

So, I’m having to learn to like Grits and Gravy, American lagers and country music. Yuk!

But for those three things that fall into my ‘not to keen’ list there are a thousand things that are fantastic about life here in the Low Country: Sunshine, palm trees, smiles, cheap petrol, fast internet, slow food, local beer breweries, sea fishing with the kids, watching Bailey (the Springer Spaniel) chasing squirrels, driving on the wrong side of the road, Saturday afternoons strolling around downtown Charleston, discussing religion (after making sure they don’t have a concealed carry permit), the massive diversity of American life and geography.

This list could go on forever….

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