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October 28, 2020

Java isn’t free anymore?

Last year, Oracle (the owners of Java) announced they were introducing a new chargeable structure to monetize their hugely adopted JAVA programming environment.

So, now using Java Software means you may need to pay for a license!

I need more Java! AdoptOpenJDK to the rescue :) 1

However, if you are using IBM software (like RDi) it comes bundled with a free IBM version of Java:

If you are a current IBM customer using an IBM product that includes an Oracle JDK, IBM’s Java Software Developer Kit (SDK) and/or IBM’s or Oracle’s JRE under the Licensed IBM Product, then you are using the JDK/SDK and JRE under the IBM product license and not under Oracle’s license. In this scenario the Oracle commercial pricing will not be applicable to the IBM product. However, if your organization is using Oracle’s Java commercially under the Oracle license, then your organization could incur additional fees from Oracle.

IBM Legal Bods

But this doesnt seem to come bundled with IBM i Access Client Solutions? Can anyone tell me different?


This morning, logging in with my work laptop, I discover the client Desktop Support Team has quietly introduced a new *no java on laptops* policy which has blown my work laptop out of the water!

<moan>Desktop (Non)Support Team might be more accurate</moan>

This laptop is owned by the client, and the only machine I am authorized to use while connecting to their systems. They control all software configuration on this machine. Now I cannot use any JAVA applications on that laptop — including IBM I ACS.

So, after many long arguments with the aforementioned desktop support team about how special I was and how much I need to use Java — hashtag I lost the argument — I had to find a free alternative.

Introducing AdoptOpenJDK

OpenJDK – Opensource Java Development Kit

Let’s use AdoptOpenJDK for Free instead #HURRAH

Downloading OpenJDK was an absolute breeze and it’s simply worked for everything I’ve thrown at it so far.

OpenJDK seems to mimic Java without any licensing concerns, without constant upgrade notifications, with nice solid integrations, and even the Java Executables get a fun little icon:

I need more Java! AdoptOpenJDK to the rescue :) 2

A huge thumbs up.

Realtime Install of AdoptOpenJDK Java DooDah

It’s so easy to install – here’s how I did it:


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