March 2


IBM i Change Management Documentation for TURNOVER V101

By NickLitten

March 2, 2021

Turnover, documentation

TURNOVER V101 Application Lifecycle Manager

Where is the Documentation?

After recently upgrading to the latest fix pack for TURNOVER V101, I have all the latest documentation sitting in a folder on my desktop.

“Oh what an exciting life you lead Mr Litten” I can hear you think

You. Thinking.

But despite this astounding level of excitement – it’s probably worth sharing these documents just in case somebody is trying to figure out how this mysterious software change management system Application Lifecycle Manager works.

Up to date documentation for Turnover for iSeries V101 can be downloaded from Softlandings Support, or you can just grab them here:

These are for version V101 for IBM i Power Systems but also apply to V5.4 – which is very similar.

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