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IBM i Change Management – Using Mixed Case password in TURNOVER

By NickLitten

March 10, 2019

Turnover, case, password

UNICOM TURNOVER – Software Change Management System

Problem – TURNOVER uses an uppercase 10 character password by default

If you are thinking of changing your USRPRF(TURNOVER) password to anything – including a lowercase letter – then you just might want to read this!

Why should I read this and what is this bloke waffling about?” I can hear you think

If you have changed your IBM i system values to allow lower case password and you have changed the password on USRPRF(TURNOVER) to use lower or mixed case you might see the following error on *SYSOPR after attempting a distribution in TURNOVER.

TURNOVER crashes trying to set mixed case password in both CLIENT and GREEN SCREEN. The error message is:

* Data area TMIXEDPW in *LIBL not found.
Parameter 2 of function ENCRYPT_TDES not valid.
Argument 02 of function ENCRYPT_TDES not valid.

essage ID . . . . . . : CPD439A Severity . . . . . . . : 40
essage type . . . . . : Diagnostic
ate sent . . . . . . : 03/02/21 Time sent . . . . . . : 12:21:00

essage . . . . : Parameter 2 of function ENCRYPT_TDES not valid.
ause . . . . . : Parameter 2 specified in function ENCRYPT_TDES is not
valid for use for reason code 6. The reason codes and their meanings follow:
1 — Parameter must be a string constant.
2 — Parameter must be an integer constant.
3 — Parameter must be a numeric constant.
4 — Parameter’s length is too long.
5 — Parameter’s value is out of range.
6 — Parameter must be a valid CCSID.
7 — Parameter cannot be a parameter marker.
8 — Parameter’s data type is not supported by the built-in function.
9 — Parameter cannot reference a column with an active column mask since

Well, the problem is that TURNOVER by default has a 10 character (old AS.400/iSeries style uppercase password). Since most companies are now using longer passwords this is obviously a glaring problem. Luckily it’s fairly straightforward to fix:

Solution – Change TURNOVER CONFIG to allow mixed case passwords

You need to create a DATA AREA in the SOFTTURN product library called TMIXEDPW and it must be 4 characters with a value of *YES in it:

Ibm i change management - using mixed case password in turnover 1

Once you have created the password you can go and update the distribution password to match the remote password on your remote IBM i system:

Update password stored in TURNOVER

Go into TURNOVER 5250 and take option 11 – Distribution Menu

Ibm i change management - using mixed case password in turnover 2

Option 6 – Override Network Distribution Method

Ibm i change management - using mixed case password in turnover 3

Select your remote system and update

Ibm i change management - using mixed case password in turnover 4

Now you can add your remote password in mixed case

NOTE: the value of “Mixed Case Password” will now show *YES which it retrieved from that data area:

Ibm i change management - using mixed case password in turnover 5

NOTE: Don’t forget to check the remote system to make sure the USRPRF(TURNOVER) wasn’t disabled when you were trying to change the password before.

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