February 5


“IBM I Cocoa” is the new Java

By NickLitten

February 5, 2012

coco, cocoa, java

Glendale, CA – Cocoa is a hot new programming language developed by Nestle Microsystems.

The language was originally designed for programming hot chocolate machines but Nestle soon realized that the language had the potential to do much more.

Because it is “architecture neutral” it can run on any device with a microchip including PCs, the System i, Cray computers, Coke machines, Timex watches, car stereos, TVs, DVD players, mobile phones and microwave ovens.

You can literally surf the net and bake a potato at the same time! With the Cocoa Virtual Machine (CVM) on the System i it can run all Cocoa applets.

Applets can be created using Visual Cocoa from Microsoft or VisualAge for Cocoa from IBM.

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