IBM i Editor keeps getting better 

 June 1, 2009

By  NickLitten

Fresh out today – thje latest build of the RPG Next Generation editor – 0.5.0

Open Source at its best and finally a nice, friendly, easy to use code editor for the IBM i.

Download the latest version for here

It’s at version 0.5 so still in early days yet, but with each minor release it’s getting sharper… I know use it for around 50% of my coding on the IBM i and when/if it ever gets to the stage where it allows me to prompt things like %BIFS then I will be dancing for joy.

Incidentally – evn though its called RPG/NG it works equally well for editing DDS (DSPF, PF, LF, etc..) and of course all the Control Language programs you like…


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Nick Litten

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