IBM i Error Message of the day – CEE3201 Exception recursion 

 August 15, 2016

By  NickLitten

Yesterday, I wrote a little SQLRPGLE web-service program to retrieve System21 Picking details . Days like this I really enjoy my job. Writing new programs in RPG is fun, good old fashioned fun.

It ran perfectly with the handful of test data that I had to play with.

But today I am testing it and after signing into the Infor S21 ERP and generating some pick notes, I find that when I have a hundred or so pick lists. Call the webservice and the program is timing out with an unusual error message: IBM i Exception code CEE3201.

I’ve never seen CEE3201 before and it has a generic error code that proclaims Exception recursion detected.

sqlrpgle webservice error Exception recursion

Message . . . . : Exception recursion detected.
Cause . . . . . : An unhandled exception occurred in an exception handler.
Recovery . . . : Do not let an exception that occurs in your exception handler go unhandled.

Is it only me that smiles when an error message that says “Exception recursion detected” has a solution description that says “do not let an exception recursion happen” LOL



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Nick Litten

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