February 5


IBM i #IBMiStepUp

By NickLitten

February 5, 2013

IBM i StepUp

I’ve been working with a new customer recently which means I’m once again, finding myself in the i-vangelist pulpit. I was about to say that I’m tired of responding with “Huh? You said AS400? Do you really still have one of those old machines? I thought IBM stopped making those in the nineties…” but a little secret part of me quite enjoys the sarcastic bluster of it all, and if I’m honest – gets a kick out of it 😉

The IBM Power System is still being referred to as either (a) an AS400, (b) the 400 or (c) an iSeries. The Dinosaur developers need to be educated and reminded that our lovely box has been through some changes in the last … twenty five… years! Yes, it really is that long since the AS/400 was replaced with the iSeries. How can IT professionals have failed to notice that the AS/400 no longer exists?

Ibm i #ibmistepup 1

Mr Trevor Perry has long been a proponent of the IBM i moniker and tries hard to educate the masses via his excellent blog at http://blog.angustheitchap.com/

” IBM i is a modern, integrated, scalable, robust business platform running on the best hardware from IBM. Given the rich heritage of the platform and the longevity of the people and the applications, there are many people in the community who still regard the platform as the same as it was 30 years ago. For many of these people, the platform has defined their career, and as they get older, change is difficult as they are required to move out of their (very comfortable) comfort zone of AS/400 or iSeries.”
Trevor Perry

Trevor is pushing a twitter campaign to bring this thought to the dinosaur developers amongst the IBM i brigade to upgrade their brains and wake them up to the correct name for the hardware and the software they use and love so much. #IBMiStepUp – check it out

If you have an IBM Power System in your business it will be a black computer that may well be referred to as the AS400 or iSERIES. But just remember, thats just a trick. It’s not really either of those… impress your colleagues by explaining what it really is: “But [insert-colleagues-name-here] AS400’s dont exist anymore… that’s an IBM Power System running IBM i isnt it?

Then sit back and watch the flash of confusion blink across their eyes and grin to your inner sarcastic self.

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