IBM Teams Up to Address Global Waste Data Disposal Crisis

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October 7, 2009

IBM Teams Up to Address Global Waste Data Disposal Crisis

By NickLitten

October 7, 2009

Rochester, MN – IBM yesterday said it would expand its efforts to address the growing global waste data disposal crisis by teaming up with Data Waste Management, Inc. Together the companies will jointly introduce new services, technologies and financing to help enterprises facing the skyrocketing costs of waste data disposal.

Throughout the world companies produce billions and billions of bytes of data every year. As the data has grown the challenge to dispose of waste data has increased. At first enterprises tried Database Management Systems, then DataMarts and now huge Data Warehouses to store the enormous amount of waste data. As new government mandates require “greener” waste data disposal, this new partnership will help organizations with this undertaking by offering information and technologies in the following areas:

· Basic data disposal

· Hazardous waste data disposal techniques

· Data recycling and reclamation

· Awareness of illegal data dumping

· Government and EPA rules on waste data storage and disposal

Dr. Zwilinsky R. Romonowski, CEO and head of this partnership, stated the first step for any organization is to sign up for their basic introductory service which will provide a data dumpster at your location with monthly pickup and disposal service. Dr. Zwilinsky projected the average company would be able to save at lease 40% in waste data disposal costs in the first year.

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