ILEditor connection problem with PUB400 

 April 23, 2020

By  NickLitten

Problem – ILEditor connection problem with PUB400

Yesterday, I was talking to a subscriber who had read my review of ILEditor and sent me an email saying the new version ( does not work with PUB400 (the public domain IBM i systems)

“Surely not” I thought

me, thinking, in my brain

So, we got online together and played around with the configuration of ILEditor and found that the default FTP setting was Autopassive which does not work with PUB400 – and maybe the IBM-i system you are working with?


Set the connection FTP method to PASV and Voila problem solved!

Right click on the system name and EDIT:

ILEditor connection problem with PUB400 1
Passive data connection. EPSV is a better option if it's supported. Passive connections connect to the IP address dictated by the server which may or may not be accessible by the client for example a server behind a NAT device may give an IP address on its local network that is inaccessible to the client. Please note that IPv6 does not support this type data connection. If you ask for PASV and are connected via IPv6 EPSV will automatically be used in its place.

But to make ELEitor work with PUB400 go to the FTP tab and select PASV as the data connection type:

ILEditor connection problem with PUB400 2

*boom* it works again

While your at it – set the path to your ACS install


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