JBA Commands

May 15, 2013

JBA Commands

By NickLitten

May 15, 2013


Randomly surfing around this morning – I stumbled across this comment tucked away in some obscure pre-1990’s forum in glorious Times New Roman font. Written back in the days when terminals clunked, mainframes were the size of a room, men were men and women were pleased. I bring you the big list of JBA COMMANDS accessible hidden behind the menus of System/21:

Disclaimer – I’m not responsible for any damage caused by anything you do to your system and you should take a stiff slug of beer before using these commands at your own risk… That being said, *GLUG, let’s continue…

If you have them installed on your system you should see a list like this one:

TOOLS/UTILITIES – Run command TOOLS from any command line in System 21

XAT000 Administration Functions System: HQ140002
Type option(s), press Enter. Position to…..
1=Execute Command
Opt Command Description

  • ADDDSPFRID Add Display File Reference ID
  • CLNUSRALC Tidy User Allocations
  • CRTHLPPTR Create Application Help Text Pointers
  • DGNRPGSRC Label Do Levels In RPG Source
  • DLTDEP Delete File Dependencies
  • DLTOBJ Delete Object
  • DSPCTLDTA Display Application Control Data
  • DSPDEP Display File Dependencies
  • DSPDTAQ Display Data Queue
  • DSPFLD Display File Field List
  • DSPKEY Display File Key And Select/Omit Details
  • DSPLIBDEP Display Library Dependencies
  • DSPLIBSIZ Display Library Size
  • DSPMBRSIZ Display File Member Sizes
  • EXTDSPFRID Extract Display File Reference ID
  • FINISH Clean Sign Off
  • GENERIC Generic Command Facility
  • GETGDA Get Group Data Area From Stack
  • GETLDA Get Local Data Area From Stack
  • GETLIBL Get Library List From Stack
  • LSTRPG Print List Of RPG Source Member
  • LSTSRC Print List Of Any Source Member
  • MNTIPGLIBL Maintain IPG Product Library Lists
  • MOVSRCMBR Move Source Member
  • PRTDBR Print Database Relations
  • PRTDUPMBRN Print Duplicate Member Names For Two Files
  • PRTDUPOBJN Print Duplicate Object Names For Two Libraries
  • PRTFLD Print File Field List
  • PRTLIB Print Sequenced Library List
  • PRTPGMREF Print Program References
  • PUTGDA Put Group Data Area Onto Stack
  • PUTLDA Put Local Data Area Onto Stack
  • PUTLIBL Put Library List Onto Stack
  • RGZDTALIB Reorganize Data Base Files In Library
  • RMVDSPFRID Remove Display File Reference ID
  • SCNSRCF Scan Source File
  • SELMSG Select Message File Messages
  • WRKLDA Work With Local Data Area (JBA Layout)

You can also try the WRKCMD command specifying the OSLSYS/*ALL option… This produces a much longer list…

There may also be some commands found in IPGAMF4/*ALL and IPGCFF4/*ALL that are not in OSLSYS… It really depends on whether the person who installed JBA on your system issued the command to copy those tasks into OSLSYS or not…

Good old JBA.

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