December 25


Jibbers Crabst – convert to Crustaceanity

By NickLitten

December 25, 2014

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Don’t know who Jibbers Crabst is? Watch this video and convert to Crustacenaity. He is our Lord and Savior and Lobster.

Find salvation, convert to Crustaceanity and find the One Lobster Truth through our Lord and Savior™, Jibbers Crabst.

The oatmeal is one of my most favorite online distractions. Matt Inman, the author of the aforementioned comic brilliance, recently gave a speech at BAHFest West 2014 highlighting an alternate theory on the origin of the universe, and related his belief in the cosmic deity that created all things — Jibbers Crabst!

Matt’s humorous speech neatly highlights the non-critical thinking of followers of religious dogma. Lots of flavors of religion, beliefs, spirits and thousands and thousands of different Gods out there. If you are religious then remember, whichever god you believe in – you have an atheistic belief of thousands of the others.

I am a definite atheist, probable agnostic and openly secular human being. Religious people will sometimes use the phrase “the root of all evil” which is ironic since Religion itself is the root of all Evil. However, after saying that and after seeing this proof of his Holy Crustaceanity Jibbers Crabst, I think that JC has drawn me back in to the lands of religious dogma.

Praise Jibbers


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