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June 21, 2015

JR Mobile Mechanic in Charleston SC – highly recommended!

By NickLitten

June 21, 2015

Charleston, mechanic, mountpleasant, SC

Jerry is a friendly chap, accomplished mechanic with great prices and swift work!

It’s not often I endorse a local business but JR Mobile Mechanic in Charleston is awesome! Jerry is a thoroughly decent chap, punctual, professional, did the job with minimal fuss and cleaned everything up afterwards. Great job Jerry — you have a new repeat customer.

If you are in Charleston SC and need a solid reliable mechanic then call Jerry on (843) 345-5258

After recently relocating to Charleston, South Carolina, my stepsons Jeep Wrangler having the front brakes catch on fire — well, maybe not a fire but a serious smokescreen for sure! He was driving along in front of me and suddenly the front drivers side started smoking heavily and I could see the Jeep juddering from side to side as he tried to slow it down. So, we swapped cars and I limp it home and get on Craigslist to find a cheap, local mobile mechanic who can come to our house and have a look at the thing…

First Experience

After calling a few numbers and getting voicemail after voicemail, I finally tried “J.R.’s Mobile Mechanic Services” and this chap Jerry answers and explains that he is just finishing a job but can come around first thing the following morning. I explain the problem and he says it’s probably a stuck caliper and I should go and get a pair of calipers, disks (or Rotors as the Yanks call them) and some pads from the local Autostore. He even tells me a price range to expect.

The next morning he turns up bang on time, does some poking around, confirms his thoughts and sets to work. An hour later the Jeep is fixed! Brakes work perfect and he gives it a quck engine check, tops up fluids and we are back on the road. A super cheap $ and I am one delighted customer!

Second Experience

It’s time for me to pass on my trusty old Honda Element to #1 son – Nathan (who is now 16) needs a first car. I’ve used this auspicious occasion as an excuse to buy myself a slightly more fun run-around (a Porsche Cayenne S – but thats another story) so the Honda needs a service and a check up.

Once again, JR turns on promptly and after fixing a small leak in the air system, changing the oil, filters and checking out the brakes and steering (which has a slight judders but Jerry diagnosed it as nothing to worry about) he once charged a bargain price – leaving him happy and me with a smile.

The Internet Troll

He mentioned that someone has started running a negative campaign against him on Craigslist – I can see some horrible comments that an obviously jealous competitor is leaving on Craigslist — allways the same guy, always leave bad comments and trying to run JR’s new business down. Typical Internet Troll. 🙁

So, I thought I would do him a favor and write a favorable blog in case anyone reads those negative trolling comments: they can come here and read a real-life review of his workmanship and standards. If you don’t believe me, then hop over to facebook and read other *real* peoples comments – https://www.facebook.com/pages/JRs-Mobile-Mechanic-Small-Engine-Repair-in-Charleston-SC/309848429114587

So, if you are looking for a mechanic near Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount pleasant give J.R. a call.

Nuff said! 🙂

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