July 27


JSON Plugin for RDI

By NickLitten

July 27, 2016

developer, JSON, plugin, rational, RDi

Ever wanted to validate or syntax check JSON from within RDi?

It’s easy using the free JSON editor from the Eclipse marketplace. This JSON Plugin for RDI will validate, syntax check and polish your JSON layouts with ease.

To start you have to go into RDI and get into Eclipse’s Market Place.

Json plugin for rdi

That will bring up the following window:

Json tool on rdi marketplace

In the Find Window Type in JSON PLUGIN

It will bring up different Plug-Ins.

Json plugin for rdi 1

Choose the plugin that you like the look of and click on the INSTALL button and it will install the Plugin. I use the JSON EDITOR PLUGIN but go with your own choice.

Once installed you’ll have to close RDI and then re-open it.

Go and get yourself a nice cup of tea and play with JSON

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